Auto accidents occur every day throughout the world, Port St Lucie especially. What causes these auto accidents? The answer lies mostly within the driver. Due to today’s cell phone technology, drivers have become far more distracted than ever. Setting cell phone usage aside, most people also eat while driving. Then there are tailgaters, aggressive drivers, and drivers who are just impatient. With these drivers, along with the constantly distracted driver, you have a recipe for disaster.

If you get involved in an auto accident in Port St Lucie, then a Port St Lucie tow service is who you should contact. Not just any Port St Lucie tow service though. Reliable Towing has been in business for 10 long years. We handle the towing of any sized cars or trucks. Every driver of ours is certified and able to assist you with all towing-related inquiries. We’re contracted with many business and city employers. Reliable Towing’s also contracted with AAA. Our drivers are ready to help you in the Port St Lucie area.