Interstate 95, or I-95, connects other major cities in Florida to Port St Lucie. It’s been around for decades and continues to be a major highway and route that’s commonly chosen by today’s drivers. I-95 conveniently stretches as far as the northeastern part of the country. While the highway may serve as a convenient way of traveling, it can be dangerous. Many drivers travel along I-95 daily, whether it be during the day or evening. The greater the traffic, the greater the chance of an auto accident happening. Construction usually takes place on the highway as well, and a good amount of drivers aren’t as cautious as they’re expected to be.

Of course, your car could get a flat tire at any time. One of today’s common causes of a flat tire is a nail that’s left behind in construction sites. Then there’s having a dead battery. Whichever situation causes you to pull over anywhere in Port St Lucie, Reliable Towing will be there to bail you out. One of our specialities is Port St Lucie Roadside Assistance. We have the supplies and tools needed for any scenario. Reliable Towing isn’t your typical 9 – 5 business, because we’re available all day and night!