Fort Pierce towing service is a necessity, especially when you get hit by another car because the other driver was distracted or their brakes didn’t work. Even if your vehicle sustains zero to minor damage, it’s advisable that you don’t drive it. When it comes to cars, something minor could evolve into something bigger. Instead, have the police call in a tow truck driver. They wouldn’t contact any tow truck driver though. Not all tow truck drivers can handle certain tow jobs. Reliable Towing works closely with police departments all over St Lucie and Martin County.

Reliable Towing is a well-rounded tow company. Our drivers and tow trucks are called on whenever and wherever towing’s needed. There’s no tow-related task that we can’t complete. One of our specialities is heavy duty towing. We’re talking tractors, trailers, and RVs. No tow job’s too big for Reliable Towing. Besides police departments being part of our clientele, public schools in St Lucie and Martin County rely on us regularly. Additionally, we’re AAA-approved.